An innovative young professional graduating from Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy in May of 2019 with her Bachelors of Science in Urban Planning and Design. Currently enrolled in the 3-1-1 B.S/M.C.R.P Dual Degree Accelerated Program. Anticipating on graduating with her Master’s of City and Regional Planning degree in December 2020. Amanda is also a LEED accredited Green Associate as of June 22, 2020.

Amanda has always been determined to create healthier communities and improve the general welfare of the public. She has learned key elements at Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy that can provide her with the necessary tools to become a well-rounded city planner with a plethora of information and unique skills. Her strong background in Environmental Science stemmed from high school, where she was influenced by her peers and mentors. She went on to study Environmental Studies at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg Florida, and was immersed in courses that showcased the relationships between humans and their environment. Eager to learn and expand her knowledge, she appreciates a challenge and is determined to have an everlasting impact on the development of communities for a more sustainable future.

She is able to demonstrate strong leadership skills and use creativity and ingenuity to solve any task at hand. Uses a positive attitude and tenacity to continue pursuing goals without distractions, regardless of any obstacle. She works well in high stress situations and uses critical thinking to ensure the best possible outcome. Amanda adapts quickly to new technology and learns computer programs with ease.

Aside from her passion to create sustainable and healthier communities, she has been able to implement her creativity into various areas of her life. She has ran her own small jewelry business at the age of 19, hand crafting jewelry and selling it in a small boutique, Ivy and Indie, formerly located in Point Pleasant Beach, Nj. She has also created business graphics for various businesses such as The Coal House, Blaines Jewelry Box, and Sydney Seperis' Yoga Instructing. She is proficient in a wide array of computer software programs and enjoys creating art on multiple mediums. Alongside of that, she has experience managing the social media profiles of her own small business, as well as The Coal House of Point Pleasant and has been responsible for the creation of numerous websites.


Rutgers University (2016-present)

  • Major: Urban Planning and Design – 3.52 / 4.0 CUM LAUDE

  • B.S Urban Planning & Design - DEANS LIST

  • Certificate in Community Sustainability- CUM LAUDE

  • M.C.R.P (2020)

LEED Accrediations

  • Green Associate - June 22, 2020

Relevant Projects

Brick Plaza Creative Placemaking

Conceptual- Point Pleasant Beach Route 35 North Corridor and Train Station Redesign

Conducted research on the Rutgers University Eco Preserve


Conceptual re-development plan of Main Ave, Passaic, New Jersey

Created a conceptual re-development plan of Monmouth Street, Red Bank, New Jersey

Created a re-development plan of Cape May Street, Harrison, New Jersey

Conducted a Visual Preference Survey and Questionnaire for the rehabilitation and redesign of Point Pleasant Beach Train Station and Route 35 North Corridor.

Created a re-development plan for the Brick Township Laurel Square Shopping Plaza.


Adobe Creative Cloud

  Adobe Photoshop
  Adobe InDesign

Microsoft office -


Esri ArcGIS
IBM SPSS Statistical Software
Apple iMovie
Hand Drawing
Three Dimensional -
    Small Scale Modeling

Mixed Media Art-

    Acrylic Painting

    Watercolor Painting

    Ceramic Work

    Jewelry Making

    Digital Photography

    Film Photography


September 2019 - Present

Rutgers University | New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Teaching Assistant to Professor Anton Nelessen

Contact Info:
                        (848) 932-2809

Key Responsibilities

  • Grade assignments and eams.

  • Assess final grades.

  • Keep track and organize weekly attendance.

  • Engage students in classroom activity by creating a laid back and fun learning environment.

  • Encourage students to get involved in learning outside of the classroom by informing them of site visits and interesting locations to research.

  • Facilitate students understanding of photoshop, visual simulations and 3D renderings.

  • Communicate weekly important due dates and deadlines, and what is expected of them.

  • Help keep Professor Nelessen organized.

May 2019 - Present

Metrovation | Red Bank, New Jersey.


Design Consultant, Design assistant, Graphic Designer.

Key Responsibilities

  • Prepare documents for court hearings.

  • 3D Modeling.

  • Creative placemaking in commercially owned plazas.

  • Product research & vendor outreach.

  • Graphic design work: documents, on the fly fixes, renderings.

  • Pedestrian oriented design: wayfinding, signage, art, scaling.

  • Parking studies, parking lot redesign.

June 2016 - August 2019

The Coal House Restaurant | Server, Social Media Manager, Marketing, Web Design and Graphic Design.


Along with serving and managing, created graphic designs for the company and designed a functional and inviting customer friendly website.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create a positive experience for customers using excellent communication and multitasking skills.

  • Keep management and business owners up to date on current social media trends by creating profiles to engage customers with the business.

  • Design signs, logos, and flyers using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign

  • Created The Coal House of Point Pleasant's first website.

  • Linked the restaurant with google search engine, enhancing and engaging a wide audience and increased business  outreach.

  • Exemplify strong leadership skills by training future employees.

  • Responsible for money handling.

  • Checked inventory and was responsible for Clover System maintenance for the business.

January 2019 - March 2019

Brick Township Laurel Plaza Re-Design and Retrofit (Concept Plan).


Re-designed, and retrofitted the Brick Township Laurel Plaza and the strip mall on the property. Introduced mixed use to the site, and made the shopping center more walkable and inviting to pedestrians to increase economic development to the local community and existing businesses.

Key Responsibilities

  • Reduce surface parking lots.

  • Retrofit existing buildings into a multi level mixed-use retail, residential, and office space with attached parking garage.

  • Re-designed traffic pattern.

  • Designed new building facades.

  • Remediated creek running parallel to property.

  • Re-designed pedestrian foot bridge to connect neighboring plaza to increase economic development.

  • Created and designed a park and community areas.

September 2018–December 2018

Asbury Park Redevelopment Research Analysis

“The Effects of Plants on Human health and Mood in Asbury Park’s Public Spaces”
Conducted a survey distributed to residents of Asbury Park and surrounding areas collecting demographic data and overall satisfaction data of the redevelopment of Asbury Park. Analyzed the data collected to determine which elements of the improvements of Asbury Park made people feel and behave the best.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create a user friendly easily accessible survey.

  • Collect demographic data, community data, and satisfaction data.

  • Theorize why the redevelopment of Asbury Park has been considered extremely successful, and how

    introducing plants into the area has increased the populations overall tendency to visit and improve visitor’s mood and behavior.

September 2018–December 2018

Monmouth Street Redevelopment in Red Bank, NJ (Concept Plan)


Conceptualized a design for the redevelopment of Monmouth Street in Red Bank, to create a more pedestrian oriented street scape. Designated a theater district with community space to create a fluid connection between the Count Basie Theater and Two Rivers Theater.

Key Responsibilities

  • Examine and recognize areas in Red Bank that are most and least susceptible to change.

  • Conceptualize ideas to create healthier pedestrian oriented streets.

  • Create community space and incorporate unique designs to attract pedestrians to the area.

  • Revitalize run down and blighted areas.

September 2018–December 2018

Waterfront Property Redevelopment & Rehab in Harrison, New Jersey. (Concept Plan)


Conceptualized a design for the redevelopment of the waterfront property in Harrison, New Jersey along the Passaic River. Developed vacant blocks to promote vitality of the area. Incorporate mixed use building techniques and different architectural designs to the area. Introduced commercial and residential designs to the area.

Key Responsibilities

  • Recognized areas in need of redevelopment.

  • Created new uses for underdeveloped areas.

  • Designated community space to attract pedestrians to the area.

  • Increased economic development

  • Created new traffic patterns

Janury 2017 – April 2017

Knowledge, Usage, and Demographics of the Rutgers University Ecological Preserve


Conducted a research study to examine how many people in the Rutgers surrounding area know about the Rutgers EcoPreserve, what is the demographic of people that use it, and how those people use it.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create demographic and awareness surveys

  • Distribute surveys to a large audience

  • Analyze data to prove whether or not community members believe the Rutgers EcoPreserve

    was useful and spread awareness to prevent the development of the Rutgers EcoPreserve.

September 2017–December 2017

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Effects on Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey


Conducted a research study, a series of Geographic Information System maps, and projected outcomes that examined the effects of sea level rise and climate change threats on Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create informative maps that provide geographic and demographic data about Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

  • Analyze data to determine whether or not Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey would be impacted by climate change and sea level rise.

  • Determine which areas would be most affected, and the health risks posed on the residents of the area.