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Project Goal

The overall goal of the Brook 35 & West Plaza remodel was to give the plaza an modern coastal look, and improve how the spaces function.

The aesthetic refresh drew inspiration from the "coastal shore" feel of surrounding geography.
The finishes were to be organic and neutral with nautical nuances to highlight Sea Girt NJ's heritage.

The function of the spaces were updated to be activated with visitors and tenants by introducing pockets of improved outdoor seating, and offering flex spaces. The updated outdoor seating was proposed to create more comfortable patio environments with an emphasis on outdoor dining. Flexible areas were created so tenants and visitors could activate the space for work shops, work out classes, live music or events.

Project Responsibilities

Create conceptual design exhibit.

Render, mock-up & simulate images for graphical communications between stakeholders

Source and select materials, finishes, paint colors, furniture & fixtures

Purchase fixtures & furniture, advise on placement to generate a good "feel" throughout the center

Manage budget of place making items

Communicate vision between stakeholders such as architect, landscape architect, contractors, interior designers & other vendors

Design and create construction signage to enhance customer experience during project

Communicate with tenants and store managers on phasing of project and important updates

Relay schedule and timing of project phases between internal team and vendors

Perform site visits daily to work through design build issues and ensure a tidy construction environment


Previous Plaza Aesthetic

Conceptual Design Plans

Remodel Progress Photos

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