Brick Township Plaza 

Brick, New Jersey


The Brick Township Plaza has undergone many renovations within the last five years. Metrovation and Federal Realty have partnered together to create a more enjoyable, safe, and unique shopping experience to Brick Township and surrounding communities. Metrovation has played an important role in establishing and maintaining great relationships with anchor tenants to add value to the plaza and encourage economic development. The unique mix of franchise businesses and privately owned businesses gives The Brick Township Plaza a diverse selection of stores that cater to the needs of the residents within the area. The team at Metrovation understands that tenants are just one of the major elements that make a shopping plaza successful. Implementing environmentally friendly practices, pedestrian oriented design, and interactive art are all key elements in making commercial plazas thrive.

Amanda D'Addario and Amanda Cheslock, members of the Metrovation Team, have been responsible for creative placemaking within the area. Amanda D'Addario specializes in conceptual design and cultivating ideas to be implemented throughout the plaza. These ideas are unique to the plaza, conceptualized through photoshop by Amanda herself, and then executed through our local artists. Below are samples of some of Amanda's work.

Bike Rack Area for the Boardwalk at Brick Plaza